About Libellules

Individually and as a couple, we are an international mix of Swiss, French and North American (US) and we are passionate about our creations -- plants grown from seeds or cuttings and wood (hand) crafting.  We believe in a few things: make the earth a better place by helping to promote its natural beauty and try to ensure as sustainable a lifestyle as possible.

Professionally we have had a great deal of variety in our work experiences, from international executive to piano technician to maker of custom articles from cloth to teaching children at public school.  Our passions won out in the end and we've created Libellules to allow these to "take flight". 

Every one of our articles and plants is hand made or grown individually because we enjoy it that way and we derive satisfaction from each creation.  We hope you will feel the same.  

You can find our wood crafted products in the US and Switzerland (Suisse Romande).

So why a "libellules" (French name for "dragon fly" : Odanata Epiprocta Anisoptera)?  Well, it is a beautiful and useful insect whose work dedicated to keeping the mosquito population in check is greatly appreciated....  And the name rolls off your tongue nicely in French. 

Alec and Judy
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